Future Class of '55

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Mrs Bresina - 5th Grade - Jefferson

Click the picture to see just the smiling - larger - faces.

Mrs. Bresina's Fifth Grade class, 1947 -1948
Picture provided by Bill Smith

Future class of 1955

BACK ROW: 1.Ted Neth, 2.Charles Wilson, 3.Yvonne Graham, 4.Sharon Mack, 5.Nancy Lubber, 6.George Everett, 7.John Todd.

THIRD ROW: 1.Karen Ludlow, 2.Harold Clifton, 3.Frank Sanderson, 4.Gary Hinkle, 5.Bill Timmerman, 6.William Symans, 7.Janice Peck.

SECOND ROW: 1.Nancy______, 2.Janice Berg, 3.Evalyne Steckline, 4.Frankie Hanson, 5.Don Yale, 6.Roy McDonald, 7.John Comstock, 8.Curtis Smith, 9.Greta Grininger, 10.Mary Seyfert.

1.Sharon Kelly, 2.Carolyn Clark, 3.Mary Winston, 4.Dick Mayberry, 5.Duane"Bill"Smith, 6.RichardJohnson, 7.Cedric Phelps, 8.Ray Last, 9.Eddy Charette, 10.Mike McDaniels, 11.Lois Peck.



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