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Mrs. Haba - 4th Grade - Marcus Whitman

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Eleanor Haba 4th Grade class, 1946-1947
Picture provided by Lorin St. John

Future class of 1955

Back Row

1.Tom Tracy, 2.Sharon Nielsen, 3.Martha Sandusky, 4.______________, 5.Jean VonKrosigh, 6.Bobbie June Nevins, 7.Charles(?)___________,8.Francis Miller, 9.Bill Leach, 10.Earl(?)______, 11.Donald Young, 12.Rosa Mae Smith, 13._______, 14.__________, 15.Teacher Eleanor Haba.

Middle Row

1.Jimmy Young, 2.Kathy McCullough, 3.Peggy(?)_____, 4.Jimmy Norton, 5.Doug Swartz, 6._________, 7.Fleet Sturdevant, 8.Jerry Price, 9.Junior Steele, 10.Phyllis Jean Neptune, 11.Lorin St.John, 12.James Lowman, 13.Sue Tracy.

Front Row

1.Evelyn Young, 2.Marla Jo Lowman, 3.Ginger Warford, 4. ___________, 5.Ron Noggles, 6.Gloria Meicenheimer, 7._______, 8.Elsie Morris, 9.Harold(?)____, 10.Nancy Wright, 11.Ron Kulick.


Elsie Thompkins was our teacher for the first 3 quarters of the school year. She was much beloved by the kids. She took a pregnancy leave and Miss Haba finished the school term during the 4th quarter. I remember when Mrs. Thompkins made the announcement about her leaving; just about all the girls started crying. Mrs. Thompkins wrote just about every kid in the class a personal letter expressing her thoughts about the school year and her relationship with that individual. Lorin St. John

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