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Mrs. Sagerser - 5th Grade - Marcus Whitman

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Alice M. Sagerser 5th Grade class, 1947-1948
Picture provided by Lorin St. John

Future class of 1955

Back Row

1.Teacher Alice M. Sagerser, 2.Martha Sandusky, 3.Velma Briley(?), 4.Mary Ann Newell, 5.Elsie Morris, 6.Junior Steele, 7.James Lowman, 8.Bobbie June Nevins, 9.____________, 10.Loren Claunch, 11.Donald Young, 12.Colleen Keaton, 13.____Davis.

Middle Row

1._____________, 2.Sharon Nielsen, 3.Ron Kulick, 4.Lorin St. John, 5.Jean Von Krosigh, 6.Jerry Price, 7.Francis Miller, 8.Ginger Warford, 9.Gloria Meicenheimer, 10.Doug Swartz, 11.Tom Tracy, 12.Fleet Sturdevant, 13.Bill Leach.

Front Row

1.Mary Krause, 2.Marla Jo Lowman, 3.______________, 4.______________, 5.Jimmy Norton, 6.Rosa Mae Smith, 7.Nancy Wright, 8.Phyllis Jean Neptune, 9.Kathy McCullough, 10.Jimmy Young, 11.Sue Tracy.

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