Future Class of 1955

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Mrs. Jones - 6th Grade - Marcus Whitman

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Mrs. Jones 6th Grade class, 1948-1949
Picture provided by Nancy Wright Callaghan

Future class of 1955


Back Row


1.Junior Steele 2.Mrs. Jones 3.__________, 4.Dewey Black, 5.__________, 6.Dallas Goldsmith, 7.___________ 8.Jim D. Boyd,  9.Kent Fleischman, 10.Pete Hollick, 11.Elsie Morris, 12.Velma Briley 13.__________ 14.Gloria Meicenheimer.

Middle Row

1.Mary Ann Newell, 2.__________, 3.Tommy Cusworth, 4.__________, 5.Hoyt Roberts, 6.Gordon Anderson, 7.________ 8.Jerry Jones 9.Francis “Ronald” Miller 10.Ron Kulick 11.Virginia Conner.

Front Row

1.Dorothy Gordon, 2.Larry Johnson, 3.__________, 4.Evelyn Young, 5.__________ 6.Tom Tracy 7.Barbara Brackensick 8.Nancy Wright, 9.Ruby Knox, 10.Sonya Hankins.

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