Future Class of '55

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 Mrs. Shay - 3rd Grade - Sacajawea
Click the picture to see just the smiling - larger - faces.

Mrs. Shay's Third Grade class, 1945-1946
Picture provided by Bill Smith

Future class of 1955

Back Row

1.Mrs.Shay, 2.Charles "Kip" Gates, 3.Ted Shipman.

Middle Row

1.Jan Andrews, 2.__________, 3.Martha Pogue, 4.Marilyn Meekins, 5.Pat Stewart, 6.Jack Alexander, 7.Clay Jorgenson, 8. Don Neighbors, 9.Walter Tinker, 10.Jerry Michelson,  11.Alan Paulsen, 12.Lee Stratton, 13.Ed Frizwold.

Front Row

1.Sherril Benjamin, 2.JeNeal Martin, 3.Dorothy Rowe, 4.Terry Shegrud, 5.Garlin Smith, 6.LeolaHayes, 7.Beverly Menefee, 8.Bob Isminger, 9.Rusty Hicks, 10.Dolores Bell, 11.Duane "Bill" Smith, 12.George Boice, 13.Landon Collins, 14.Rennie Willoughby.

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