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Mrs. Bise - 6th Grade - Sacajawea
Click the picture to see just the smiling - larger - faces.


Mrs. Bise’s Sixth Grade class, 1948-1949
Picture provided by Deanna Case Ackerman

Future class of 1955

Back Row

1.Deanna Case, 2.Earl________, 3.Roger E Myers, 4.Jack Alexander, 5.Sarah Powell 6.Bill McKenna, 7.Mary Lou Foelker, 8.Clinton Richison, 9.Barbara Crowder, 10.Tom Groves, 11.Mrs. Bise. 

Middle Row

1.Lauren McAdams, 2.Bobby Harris, 3.Richard McAdams, 4.Sally Kessell, 5.Ted Shipman, 6.Nadine Nelligan, 7.Jan Barker, 8.Martha Pogue, 9.Donald Young, 10.Donald Dawson.

Front Row

1.Wayne________, 2.Pat McCoy, 3.Sherril Benjamin, 4.Donald Yale, 5.Edith Fairweather, 6.Jimmy Byron, 7.Everett________, 8.Alan Paulsen, 9.Donna Davis.

Not Shown

Barbara Kelley and Edward Friswold

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