Future Class of '55

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Mr. Rayburn - 6th Grade - Sacajawea
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Mr. Rayburnís Sixth Grade class, 1948-1949
Picture provided by Ginger Rose

Future class of 1955


Back Row

1.Mr. Rayburn, 2.Norman Warren, 3.Tommy Northy, 4.James Weldon, 5.Darryl Cassad, 6.Bob Isenminger, 7.Sam Nagley, 8.Dick Roach, 9.Gene Osborne, 10.Harold Cook, 11.Tom Gilmore, 12.Larry Lee.

Middle Row

1.George Boice, 2.Ruben Flagger, 3.Eddie Brightwell, 4.Jeneal Martin, 5.Nancy Wingfield, 6.Pauline Armstrong, 7.Beverly Menefee, 8.Janice Andrews, 9.Gretchen Day.

Front Row

1.Walter Skalicky, 2.Marilyn Pool, 3.Carol Hughes, 4.Arlene Demmons, 5.Sherry Leavell, 6.Jackie Craig, 7.Janice Nussbaum, 8.Ginger Rose, 9.Blaine Williams, 10.Bobby Blair.

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