<!-- this .htm file created by Maren: 6/10/14 Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ('55c) ~ 3/27/36 - 2/12/14 Re: Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ('55-RIP) http://alumnisandstorm.com/Obits/pics14/RIP55HughesLenora14.htm Lenora Estelle HUGHES Bejarano ('55) ~ 3/27/36 - 2/12/14 Lenora Estelle HUGHES Bejarano ('55) ~ 1936 - 2014 SS: >>Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ~ Class of 1955 ~ 1936 - 2014 RIP55HughesLenora14.htm RIP55HughesLenora54.jpg" WIDTH=191 HEIGHT=227 RIP55HughesLenora55.jpg" WIDTH=448 HEIGHT=227 ***********************--> <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>RIP ~ Lenora Hughes ('55)</TITLE> </HEAD><BODY onLoad="self.focus();"><CENTER> <FONT SIZE=+1><B>BOMBER MEMORIAL</B></FONT SIZE><BR><BR> <FONT SIZE=+2> <A HREF="http://AlumniSandstorm.com/Obits/pics14/RIP55HughesLenora14.htm"><FONT COLOR=000000><B>LENORA ESTELLE HUGHES BEJARANO</B> ~ Class of 1955</A></FONT COLOR></FONT SIZE><BR> <FONT SIZE=+1> March 27, 1936 - February 12, 2014<BR><BR> <IMG SRC="RIP55HughesLenora54.jpg" WIDTH=191 HEIGHT=227 ALT="Lenora Hughes - Jr. Portrait" TITLE="Lenora Hughes - Jr. Portrait" BORDER=0> ~ <IMG SRC="RIP55HughesLenora55.jpg" WIDTH=448 HEIGHT=227 ALT="Lenora Hughes - 1955 - Sr. Portrait" TITLE="Lenora Hughes - 1955 - Sr. Portrait" BORDER=0><BR><BR> <!-- <IMG SRC="RIP55HughesLenora14.jpg" WIDTH=** HEIGHT=** ALT="Lenora Hughes Bejarano ~ recent" TITLE="Lenora Hughes Bejarano ~ recent" BORDER=0><BR><BR> <IMG SRC="RIP55HughesLenora14.jpg" WIDTH=** HEIGHT=** ALT="Lenora Hughes Bejarano ~ Funeral Notice" TITLE="Lenora Hughes Bejarano ~ Funeral Notice" BORDER=0><BR><BR>--> </CENTER> from Lenora's brother, Tom ('56)<BR><BR> Lenora was cremated and Bob (they were married 57 years) is holding Lenora's ashes until he dies and then their kids and grandkids will take both ashes and have them intered together. There are no public services planned. Lenora always said she did not wnat any services because she did not want to be a bother. <BR><BR> She will be missed by many and remembered as the kindest person I have ever known.<BR><BR> Tom<BR><BR> ******************************<BR><BR> from David RIVERS ('65):<BR><BR> I don't remember "meeting" Lenora, she was just there. I was a tiny baby and my mom went to work at Carnation. In fact... My Mom can be seen in the Carnation picture, third from the right, next to the trucks in a gray suit.<Br><BR> <A HREF="http://richlandbombers.com/gallery/0000s/Carnation.html" TARGET="_blank">http://richlandbombers.com/gallery/0000s/Carnation.html</A><BR><BR> That put Lenora as my 'nuther mom. She was very young and my mom adored her. They spent hours together when they could and my mother and Lenora both told me about cutting out "paper dolls" from advertisements and magazines. Though they were not close in age they were great friends and my mother always talked of her fondly. In Las Vegas, Lenora was the catalyst for the Bomber luncheons. She had a special way of getting Bombers out to meet, eat and greet. She and her husband, Bob, were -- and will always be -- special to me. I will always remember, Lenora, my very first baby-sitter.<BR><BR> -David<BR><BR> ******************************<BR><BR> from Linda REINING ('64)<BR><BR> My memory of Lenora:<BR><BR> Met her when I went over to Las Vegas, in 2002? (I think that was the year), for a Bomber luncheon... we immediately  clicked and kept in touch from then on... she and Bob even came to Bakersfield for a Bomber luncheon. when I d go to  Vegas on my yearly bowling league trip, she and Bob would always come to the casino where we were staying and  hang out for most of Saturday afternoon(that was the day we d have our  sweeps )and into the wee hours of Sunday morning we d eat dinner, then play the slots. she loved ice cream, so we d always have to find the ice cream place and have a cone or a dish, then, back to the slots. we e mailed, daily. she was a lot of fun to be around and a neat lady... I miss her... I would have never known her, if not for the Bomber luncheon... it s funny how having a Bomber connection can mean so much and make lasting friendships.<BR><BR> Linda<BR><BR> ******************************<BR><BR> </BODY> </HTML>>