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November 19, 1936 - June 4, 2006

Catherine Puleo - 1955

Catherine Puleo Harrell - recent

Submitted by her sister, Claudette:

Catherine Cecilia Puleo graduated in 1955. Many of her friends knew her as "Katy" or "Cathy". She was very personable, witty and her sense of humor was always her calling card. Her shyness caused her to remain in the background. Albeit, her beauty was both outer and inner. We were not only sisters, we were best friends. Everything we did was always scrutinized by the other. As I had graduated before our move to Richland, we were still very much a part of each others life. She shared her joys of what senior fun was like at Columbia High School. I can vividly remember the "snake dance" that wound through our Uncle and Aunt's home on Gowen. There were after school dances I would assist her to prepare for. I recollect her speaking about her friends Ginger and Corky. Then there was the time she fell out of a buick convertible onto the road while car was in motion. Not sure which friends were there for that kodak moment! Catherine loved life, people and laughter. Her leaving was too premature as we both had a lot planned. Losing her was a very difficult chapter in my life journey. There was no closure and four years later no explanation has been forthcoming as to what happened. I was unable to get to her before she expired, as the phone call came after the fact. Both her daughter Lucie and I have not recovered from our loss. When life deals you a bad hand, you have to let it go so it does not consume you. Not having her remembered in the Bomber Newspaper crushed us. We want our dear Catherine's memory to bless all who remember her.

In addition, she was crowned Miss Richland in 1957 which gave her life a new beginning. Shortly after, she abdicated to marry her high school sweetheart, Roger McVicker ('55). We called this a real fairy tale.

Both her daughter, Lucie McVicker, and I continue to love her 'there' while we are 'here'. We are sure she would be honored to know that we cared enough to share this information with her graduating class of 1955.